Upholstery Cleaner / Sofa Cleaner

Bring your upholstery to life again without buying new

Over any length of time your upholstery can start to look a bit worn and less vibrant. You may immediately think you may need to replace it completely or at least buy new cushions.

The answer is you don’t need to, keep hold of that money.

At Steam Easy, our upholstery cleaning service can quickly and simply, without disruption, inject life back into your furniture, carpets, rugs and such like.

Our upholstery cleaning is a safe, no-mess, no-fuss service and we make sure your valuables are all treated as gently as possible at all times.

We are your local Carpet and upholstery cleaner in Coventry so we give a personal service and everything we do is based around you.

Before we do any work we will conduct a survey and give a quotation based on that – this way you get the fairest and best price.


What are the benefits of upholstery cleaning?

Longer Furniture Life

We all know in life, the better we care for your belongings the longer they last and its the same for your furniture. Professional upholstery cleaning prevents stains from forming in the fabric of your furniture.

Our upholstery cleaner service removes odours and dust that form over time if your furniture upholstery is not regularly cleaned and maintained. By having it cleaned by our upholstery cleaner will actually extend its life and reduce the need to replace it.

Better Appearance

Our professional upholstery cleaner works so well it will leave your furniture looking renewed.It helps keep your furnitures upholstery stay in shape by preventing excessive deterioration. If your furniture looks good then the whole of your house looks good also.

Better Air Quality

Your upholstery will naturally collect allergens throughout its lifetime. Our upholstery cleaning goes deep into the fibers of your furniture and removes things like dust, dander and pollen, the main things that can cause allergies and affect your eyes, nose, and throat. By removing these allergens you will have better air quality in your home and a healthier life for you and your family.

Cleaner and Fresher

Your furniture does get used a lot, if you have family or pets they all add to its use. Add this to the odd spillage or half cleaned up accident it can start to give a smell of its own. Of course their are air fresheners that can mask the smell but only a good deep clean can bring it back to a natural fresh smell.