Spot and Stain Removal

Tea, coffee, wine and such like spills need not ruin your valuable carpets or upholstery if tackled sooner rather than later.

We are able to remove more spots, spills and stains than you might imagine on all different things.

An important factor is to treat the spot or stain as soon as possible. If a spot or stain is left they can become permanent built in stains.


If you have a spot or stain needing professional help please contact us at Steam Easy.

There are lots of household stain removal products available, the problem is often if these have been used first and failed this will make our job a lot harder than if the spot or stain had been untreated.

Another factor to consider before using household stain removal products is that these can damage a carpets fibres or upholstery fabric fibres as well as making it more difficult to professionally clean after.