Pet Stain and Odour Carpet Cleaning Services

We are a country of pet lovers but many of our pets can have accidents anywhere around our homes. The most common area is on a carpet.

Pet stains can penetrate deep into a carpet fibres and make it very difficult to clean. It is important to clean urine or any other pet waste quickly and thoroughly. It’s very important to remove this odour immediately because such an odour left will be a marker for your pet to return to this spot and do the same again.

We can clean carpets and rugs which is also a common area for pet accidents.

We use suitable cleaning products to fully remove the stain and odour. If urine had been left and already spread itself into the carpet, the less chance we have to fully remove the stain so please call us immediately.


If you have a pet stain odour needing professional help, please contact us at Steam Easy.

There are household carpet cleaning products available for use but with pet stains and odours these will not do the job properly. They may mask the odour smell to you but the pet will still be able to smell it mixed with this new smell. In fact your pet may want to urinate here again to make its scent be the prominent smell and may keep coming back to the spot to do this over and over.

Often the pets waste may have soaked down into the carpet underlay but don’t worry using a professional pet stain and odour cleaning company like ourselves at Steam Easy will deal with the problem thoroughly.

We will remove the stain and follow up by deodorising the area to eliminate the odour.