Dry Fusion System

Carpets Dry in 30 minutes after cleaning!

If you are a commercial business whether you are a Hotel, Care Home, Sports Club, Factory, an Office or a Landlord needing to restore your rental property’s carpets, you will want your carpets cleaned thoroughly, but you also don't want them out of action for very long.

This is when you need the unique Dry Fusion System.

What is Dry Fusion cleaning and what can it be used on?

Fusion Care is the only carpet cleaning system that heat cleans, deodorises, stain protects then heat dries. It cleans and dries all types of synthetic and natural carpets, carpet tiles, oriental rugs and is WoolSafe approved.

Dry Fusion is so good because it uses all the best features of hot water extraction (Shot of Steam), the best features of dry cleaning (which is low moisture, mechanical agitation) and combines them together with the patented hot cleaning pad system that constantly heats the fibres as they are being cleaned giving the best results you will have ver seen. Dry Fusion System is patented and so is only available to cleaning companies licensed to use it – you can't get this same cleaning system from any other system.

It will keep that just cleaned look for longer!

Firstly it uses a Fluorocarbon Resin, placing this invisible protective shield over every fibre of the carpet or rug during the cleaning process.

This goes towards stopping dry grit, dust and spills lodging within the carpet. It even stops muddy patches and oily spills seeping through the fibres because the resin in essence makes them non stick.

Secondly a unique stain blocking additive helps prevent food and drink spillages becoming permanent stains.

Then finally the shot of steam removes deep rooted stains without the need for using additionally chemical filled cleaning products that can damage the carpet fibres.

The end result is a clean, deodorised and protected carpet that is DRY, 30 MINUTES after cleaning GUARANTEED.


Benefits of Dry Fusion Drying

  • Carpets Dry in 30 minutes after cleaning
  • Incorporates the use of non hazardous cleaning solutions
  • Removes more stains than any other system
  • No shrinkage
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Fusion Care provides both a maintenance and deep cleaning process to ensure that carpets stay cleaner longer
  • Very quiet equipment for use in noise sensitive environments like care homes, hotels, block of flats etc.
  • Approved by leading carpet manufacturers for use on Wool, Nylon, and Polypropylene fibres
  • Dry Fusion can be operated on all types of fitted carpets and carpet tiles

So what is involved in Fusion Care?


Vacuuming will remove the majority of lose soil.

Pre Spray

By spraying the ph activator on a carpet area almost immediately this loosens dirt on the carpet fibres.

One part Activator is then mixed in the ringer vessel to 4 parts water. The Fusion Care pad is then soaked in the solution and most of the moisture squeezed out. It is then placed underneath the Fusion Care machine.

The Cleaning Process

We apply a solution to the cleaning pad and spread over the area. This cleaning action removes more dirt from the fibres and the cleaning pad absorbs the soluble dirt.

The cleaning action is repeated around the area and then the heat kicks in to quickly dry off the moisture. At the same time the fluorocarbon resin then covers the area with its invisible shield getting into all the fibres for long term protection.

There are also 2 stain blocking resins that stops liquid spills penetrating the carpet fibres.

We then finish off and reveal your carpet with no stain marks leaving it looking like new.

We then finish off and reveal your carpet with no stain marks leaving it looking like new.

Dry Fusion cleaning – dries in 30 minutes

  • We are a licensed user of this very unique cleaning system ideal for large areas typically needed in commercial premises
  • Deep heat cleans with WoolSafe approved highly biodegradable cleaning solution
  • Deodorises with two natural aromatherapy oils
  • Applies a stain blocker during cleaning
  • Applies an anti-microbial during cleaning
  • Heat cures the protector
  • Dries the carpet